Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the Khmer Independent Life Team (KILT) was formed in 2009. The members are land-mine victims, their immediate  families as well as families left behind by people who died from explosions. The founder and head of the organization is Mr. Bel See Ing, himself a land-mine victim. The organization through the recruitment of volunteer, teaches skills in farming and jewelry. Techniques acquired become a source of livelihood for the member and his family. Jewelry making was first introduced to the group in the year that KILT was formed. They were taught the art of crafting silver, cutting stones, beading and yarning. Their project was briefly aborted in late 2009 when the initial designer left Cambodia and materials were no longer available  for additional work. 

Within the first quarter of 2010, they were introduced to a new volunteer designer. Working on limited funding, they opted to utilize organic and recycled materials. The first experiments were with common stones from the ground and steel wires. The result was an eclectic collection of wearable art. The 'Earth' project was borne. 

The jewelry collection under the "EARTH.'' project was officially launched in July 2010 at the Art Deli in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It quickly captured the imagination of the local media including Cambodia's fashion powerhouse F Magazine. The story of "EARTH." was featured twice on Phnom Penh post.

"EARTH." jewelries continue to be avant-garde in design. The centerpiece of each item is still a stone from Cambodian soil, which is the signature element of an "EARTH.'' piece. The current collection utilizes either copper or silver as well as jade and coral chip for accents.  Most of the items are necklaces and bracelets. Each is without a replica.