The "Earth" Story

"Earth" is a project initiated for the benefit of the Siem Reap based organization, Khmer Independent Life Team (KILT). KILT is composed of land mine victims and their families. The objective was to introduce new designs which the skilled jewelers among KILT members can hand-make and sell as a means of livelihood for the whole organization. It was a collaboration between them and Sarah Moya, a resident designer. Using available renewable resources which include stones from lake shores, riverbeds and common grounds around Cambodia, naturally tanned cow-hide leather as well as copper and silver wires from discarded cables, the team is able to fabricate fabulous pieces of wearable art. Each is unique in design. Each is inspired by the natural beauty of the Cambodian countryside. Each carries an essence of the very land from which each stone was hand-picked. Each captures the soul of one of the world's most ancient culture, ancient Angkor and it's people. Each piece is the perfect souvenir of a Cambodian visit.

To purchase an 'Earth' jewelry is to support the endeavors of the people of KILT. It is to pay respect to the artistry of the Cambodian people. It is to give hope and future to a community determined to survive and to provide decent living conditions for their families. It is to salute the triumph of the human spirit when it goes against all odds to continue living and making a difference even after immense personal tragedy such as a land mine explosion.